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Equipped with high-pixel CCD lens, PCB cutting and milling cutter, automatic board splitting machine, online milling cutter board splitting machine

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On line milling cutter plate splitting machine

1、 Technical specifications

1. Working range of plate splitting: 300mmx350mm

2. XYZ drive mode: AC servo motor

3. Number of motion axes: 7

4. Program teaching mode: color CCD image intuitive teaching input

5. Operation interface: win7 window operation interface

6. Power of upper dust collector: 2HP, power of lower dust collector: 3HP (option 5HP)

7. Cutting spindle sycotec (Germany): max80000rpm (automatic tool change)

8. X-Y AC servo speed: 0-1000mm / sec

9. Z AC servo speed: 0-800mm / sec

10. X-Y repetition accuracy: ± 0.02mm

11. Cutting accuracy: ± 0.08mm

12. Calibration accuracy of CCD camera: ± 0.01mm

13. Split plate stress value: 300u ε following

14. Tool diameter: 0.8-2.3mm

15. PCB board cutting thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm

16. Voltage of main machine and dust collector: 220V 1 φ And 3 φ

17. Power consumption: 3.5kva

18. Electrostatic elimination gun

19. Vision system: high resolution digital camera

20. Drive motor: AC brushless servo motor

21. Mechanical take-off arm: anti-static vacuum suction nozzle

22. Feeding mode: rail conveying

23. Discharging mode: belt conveyor or carrier output or rail conveyor

24. Transfer mode: vacuum suction nozzle adsorption transfer

25. Flow direction: left → right

26. Program backup: USB interface

27. Control mode: special controller

28. Dust collection cabinet size: 640mm × 785mm × 1760mm(d × w × h)

29. Machine size: 2014mm × 1230mm × 1650mm(d × w × h)

30. Weight of main machine + dust collector: 1000 kg

Welcome customers to come or send samples to test machine for evaluation!

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Suzhou yushunli Electronics Co., Ltd. South China address: (Headquarters)

Address: No. 10, Shanquan Road, yongtou village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Tel: 0769-88087410

Ms. Liu: 13862072520

East China address: Address: No. 1068, Jinyang East Road, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province (Guorui Industrial Park)

Tel: 0512-62751429

Mr. Cao: 13450659407

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