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Knife walking automatic dividing machine

  • YSV-1A
  • 宇顺力

Features of yushunli knife walking automatic plate dividing machine:

1. The four selectable splitting speeds are set by the control panel knob, and the splitting travel can be freely set and displayed on LCD.

2. During the cutting process, the PCB does not move and the circular knife slides to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate are not damaged due to movement.

3. It can solve the problem of parts crossing the V-groove to realize plate splitting.

4. The distance between the upper round knife and the lower straight knife can be adjusted accurately according to the depth of the V-groove and the tool consumption.

5. Install an anti cutting finger electronic eye protection device to avoid accidental human injury.

6. Reduce the internal stress generated during plate cutting to the minimum to avoid tin cracking.

7. According to the production efficiency of customers, conveyor belts can be added as required.

8. Cut all kinds of PCB boards in the V-slot with linear rolling compression to completely prevent the damage and fracture of solder joints.


The knife walking automatic dividing machine is the most efficient dividing machine for cutting V-slot PCB panels in a straight line. It is also widely used in electronic manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an operation instruction for the automatic knife walking dividing machine, so as to better understand and maintain the automatic knife walking dividing machine. Before introducing the use specification, first introduce the automatic knife feeding dividing machine

Precautions for the maintenance of automatic knife feeding plate splitting machine and knife feeding plate splitting machine:

1. When the machine works for 100km (about 50 days), it is necessary to add lubricating oil at the oil hole of the slider

2. The machine should be stored with antirust oil on the upper and lower cutters

3. After the plate splitting work is completed, remove the debris on the machine

4. The cutter can be reground for 2-3 times, but it needs to be reground by professionals

5. Mobil grease MP or lubricating oil is used as lubricating oil

Welcome customers to come with samples or send samples to test the machine for evaluation!

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