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LED aluminum substrate laser splitting machine Dongguan LED aluminum substrate laser splitting machine Shenzhen LED aluminum substrate laser splitting machine Foshan LED aluminum substrate laser splitting machine

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Laser cutting machine, double platform, greatly improve production efficiency, specially designed for FPC and PCB processing equipment. High-efficiency FPC/PCB special-shaped cutting, drilling coverage window opening, fingerprint identification chip processing, TF memory card board segmentation, mobile phone camera module cutting, QR code printing and other applications, cutting and Direct molding, neat and smooth cutting edges, products can be arranged in a rectangular arrangement, multiple automatic positioning and cutting, using solid-state ultraviolet excitation of international first-line brands of optics and machinery.

 The high-precision, low-drift galvanometer combined with the fast coreless direct-drive motor system platform can maintain micron-level high precision during fast cutting, without manual operation, and the operation is simple. It can realize the same type of one-button mode and greatly improve production efficiency. Exhaust gas treatment system; air suction system can eliminate all cutting exhaust gas, avoid injury to operators and environmental pollution. The degree of automation is high; the galvanometer is automatically corrected, auto-focusing, and the whole process is automated. The laser displacement sensor is used to automatically adjust the height of the focus to the worktable to achieve fast docking. Powerful operating system, simple and convenient.


Machine Specifications:


Call order mode to achieve automatic cutting

1. The cutting process is combined with the production model and quantity, and is produced according to the PMC plan

2.   Avoid unclear lead production and capacity

3.  Avoid modifying the program during non-production processes

4.  Man-machine separation

QR code automatic retrieval scheme:

 1. The  program can be accessed directly through the fixture QR code, which is convenient, simple and error-free

2.  Smart product switching

CCD scanning function:

1. The industry-leading PCBA full-board scanning function has changed the traditional visual guidance

2. Shorten the programming time, the path is displayed in real time, and the modification is convenient and simple

Milling cutter intelligent system:

1. Adjust the cutting depth according to the thickness of the PCB, improve the utilization rate and save the cost

2. Define the use standard of milling cutter according to product requirements

3.  You can easily change the tool without changing the milling cutter

 Industry 4.0-MES system:

1.   Automatic adjustment of server data

2.  Upload machine data and production data

3.    Real-time monitoring of equipment status

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[Old brand of sub-board machine, Yushun No. 1] "Yushun Sub-board Machine" Suzhou Yushun Kunshan Dongguan Changan Yushun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of milling and sub-board machines, PCBA routers, led sub-board machines, light bar sub-boards Trigger, punching sub-board machine, FPC punching board sub-board machine, PCB sub-board machine, PCB circuit board sub-board machine, curve board sub-board machine, pneumatic sub-board machine, circuit board sub-board machine, PCB cutting machine, PCB Gong board machine, aluminum substrate board machine, knife board machine, automatic board machine, curve board machine, etc. The equipment is mainly used in: various soft and hard PCB boards, fr4/fr6 PCB, soft FPC, LED light bars, mobile phone tablets and other communication digital electronics, household appliances, LED lighting, security electronics and other related electronic industries LED light bars, aluminum Substrate, copper substrate stamping and dividing machine, etc.

Suzhou Yushun Electronics Co., Ltd. South China Address: (Headquarters)



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