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FPC flexible circuit board laser splitting machine FPC laser splitting machine laser splitting machine manufacturer Jiangsu laser splitting machine

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Efficient and fast fpc/pcb appearance cutting, drilling, covering film windowing, PCB copper removal and other functions.

The function of dividing, layering, specifying blocks or selecting areas for cutting and direct molding allows you to cut freely as you like.

The contour edge is neat, round, smooth, no burr, no glue overflow, showing perfect quality.

It is especially suitable for cutting fine, difficult and complex patterns.

High precision CCD automatic positioning and focusing make positioning fast and accurate, save time and worry, high efficiency and fast delivery.

Product features

High performance laser: the solid-state UV laser of international first-class brand is adopted, which has the advantages of good beam quality, small focusing spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width and high cutting quality, which is the guarantee of perfect cutting quality.

Fast and high precision: the combination of high-precision, low drift galvanometer and fast coreless linear motor system platform can maintain micron level high precision while rapid cutting.

Fully automatic positioning: adopt high-precision CCD automatic positioning, with high precision, no need of manual intervention, simple operation, realize the same type of one button mode, and greatly improve the production efficiency.

Convenient processing of drawings and files: accept standard AutoCAD or CAM350 and other formats to use.

Waste gas treatment system: the air suction system can eliminate all cutting waste gas, avoiding harm to operators and pollution to the environment.

Easy to learn software: self-developed control software based on Windows system, easy to operate Chinese interface, friendly and beautiful, powerful and diverse functions, simple and convenient operation.

It can be integrated with the production line: it can be equipped with a special loading and unloading system according to the production requirements to realize the full automation of production and greatly improve the production efficiency. It is a specially designed equipment for FPC processing.

High degree of automation: galvanometer automatic correction, automatic focusing, automatic alignment, full automation, simple machine operation.

technical parameter

Parameter name parameter value

Main dimension of laser machine (l*w*h) 1480mm*1360mm*1412mm

Model MICROSCAN 1000 p+

Weight 1600 kg

Power supply AC220V

Laser wavelength 355 nm


Material thickness <0.8mm

Accuracy of the whole machine ± 20 μ m

Platform positioning accuracy ± 2 μ m

Platform repetition accuracy ± 2 μ m

FPC flexible circuit board laser splitting machine, width 440*380 mm

Maximum power 3kw

Galvanometer system CTI (USA)

Vacuum cleaner power supply AC220 V

Focusing spot diameter 20 μ m

Ambient temperature 20 ± 2 ℃

Ambient humidity < 60%

Machine tool main body marble

Linear motor HIWIN

Full closed loop AC linear motor system of motion system

Advantages: 1. Non contact processing, more protection of the circuit; 2. The cutting covering film is not black, and the shape processing edge is smooth and beautiful; 3. The machine has high precision and will not be biased; 4. Adopt high-precision CCD automatic positioning and auto focusing, no matter how complex the graphics are, it is also easy to deal with, saving time and worry; 5. Friendly interface, simple operation, easy to use, easy to use; 6. Small size, saving more space; 7. Rigorous safety design; 8. Reduce energy consumption and cost; 9. Cutting speed block, stable performance and high cost performance; 10. The laser has long service life and low maintenance and replacement cost.


Welcome customers to come with samples or send samples to test the machine for evaluation!

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