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Desktop multi knife board splitting machine electronic single-sided PCB board splitting machine

  • YSATM-3L
  • 宇顺力

Product features:

1. High positioning accuracy

2. The cutting stress is small

3. Desktop style does not occupy space

4. Automatic plate feeding and cutting, with high efficiency

5. It can connect the upper and lower board machines and save labor

Functional features:

1. Efficient plate splitting, extremely labor-saving, with a daily output of more than 100000 PCs

2. Desktop type does not occupy space, and fully automatic production can be realized by docking with the board equipment

3. The whole panel is divided at one time, and the deformation of the panel is perfectly controlled, which meets the stringent requirements of the glass tube process

4. Simple training can master the use. It is not complicated to adjust the knife. Ordinary employees can learn it after simple training

5. Safety, light curtain induction safety device to ensure safe production

6. Unique new tools, with a relatively high durability of 1.5-2 times


product details

Machine model: YSATM-3L

Machine name: desktop multi group and multi knife board splitting machine

Overall dimension: l610*w370*h400mm

Cutter size: round cutter ∂ 60mm* ∂ 35mm*3mm

Tool material: imported high-quality high-speed steel

Tool brand: Cab

Partition thickness: 0.1mm-0.5mm

Dividing speed: 300mm-500mm/s (adjustable speed motor, speed adjustable)

Partition length: more than 50mm

Partition width: 4mm-100mm

The best (small piece width, non full splicing width) full splicing width 250mm

Working pressure: None

Working voltage: 220v/110v optional

Equipment power: 90W

Machine weight: 80kg

Welcome customers to come with samples or send samples to test the machine for evaluation!

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