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Automatic base plate dividing machine

  • YSV-4A
  • 宇顺力


1. The shaft of the knife (top and bottom) is designed as a whole, which can be easily installed, taken and placed.

2. This machine adopts the control of the computer screen of the preset production counting device. By directly displaying the gap of cutting tools on the display screen.

3. All V-CUT PCB boards can be cut by this machine.

4. The blade is made of SKH51 high-speed steel, with long service life and wear resistance.

5. Machine cutting is adopted to reduce the pressure and prevent the welding joint from cracking.

6. PCB board can be cut by several cutters at one time.

7. The machine operates simply and effectively, which is suitable for large-scale production.

8. The top cutter wheel can be slightly adjusted: 0-5mm.

9. The distance between knives is adjustable, which is suitable for cutting single PCB boards with a width of 15-20mm.

10. The speed of the online dividing machine can be set and easily adjusted by turning the knob.

11. Install the conveyor belt, and the PCB board can be directly sent out after being cut, and then dock with the lower computer to reduce the time of manual retrieval and placement.

12. This machine can cut led panel, fiberboard, aluminum-plastic board (more than 400mm) and special board.


product details

Model: ysv-4a floor type structure

Weight: 230 kg

Tool size: straight knife 220*43.5*6mm

Working voltage: 220V

Working pressure: 0.5-0.8mpa

Partition width: 60-220mm

V-CUT thickness: one third of the plate thickness

Machine size: l800*w550*h1050mm

Tool material: imported high-quality high-speed steel titanium plating 2 pieces (upper and lower knives)

Machine power: 150W

Dividing speed: 1pcs/s

Applicable board materials: fiberglass board, FR4 board, aluminum substrate, copper substrate

Feeding structure: pneumatic module (precision type)

Clamping mode: pneumatic clamp, PLC automatic plate feeding, dual clamp and single clamp can be switched

Feeding method: conveying with conveyor belt

Delivery of complete machine: 1 set (including each module unit), equipment related supporting documents, equipment spare parts, maintenance tools, etc

Welcome customers to come with samples or send samples to test the machine for evaluation!

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