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Automatic PCBA board splitting machine, Dongguan board splitting machine manufacturer

  • YSV-1A
  • 宇顺力

Base plate splitting machine automatic PCBA splitting machine, Dongguan splitting machine manufacturer, YSV-1A features:

1. During the cutting process, the PCB does not move and the circular knife slides to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate are not damaged due to movement.

2. The four selectable splitting speeds are set by the control panel knob, and the splitting travel can be freely set and displayed on LCD.

3. The distance between the upper round knife and the lower straight knife can be adjusted accurately according to the depth of the V-groove and the tool consumption.

4. It can solve the problem of parts crossing the V-groove to realize plate splitting.

5. Reduce the internal stress generated during plate cutting to the minimum to avoid tin cracking.

6. Install an anti cutting finger electronic eye protection device to avoid accidental human injury.

7. Cut all kinds of PCB boards in the V-slot with linear rolling compression to completely prevent the damage and fracture of solder joints.

8. According to the production efficiency of customers, the base plate dividing machine can be equipped with conveyor belts as required.


Base plate splitting machine automatic PCBA splitting machine, Dongguan splitting machine manufacturer, ysv-1a machine specification:

Plate splitting machine model: ysv-1a

Maximum partition length: 460mm (different lengths can be customized)

Base plate splitting machine splitting speed: adjustable in four grades 100200300500mm/sec

Thickness of base plate dividing machine: 0.6-3.5mm

Operating voltage and power of base plate dividing machine: 220VAC -- 90W

Machine weight of base plate dividing machine: 55kg

Machine size: 770*510*450mm

Automatic PCBA distributor, Dongguan distributor manufacturer, ysv-1a shipping packaging:

Mainly according to the customer's requirements, depending on the specific situation, the distance, can be delivered to the door, choose to use wrapping film or wooden box packaging.

Automatic PCBA distributor, Dongguan distributor manufacturer, YSV-1A after sales service:

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year free of charge for non-human reasons from the date of purchase.

2. The upper round blade and the lower straight blade of the base plate dividing machine can be grinded free of charge within one year.

3. The base plate dividing machine is maintained for life, and the technical support and maintenance of the machine have been provided after the warranty period.

4. The after-sales service of the base plate splitting machine is timely, fast and high-quality, which saves time and increases efficiency for customers.

------Customers are welcome to come with samples or send samples for trial evaluation------

------Customers are welcome to take samples or send samples related to the base plate dividing machine to come to the test machine for evaluation------

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