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YSL-680 scraper cleaning machine

  • YSL-680
  • 宇顺力

YSL-680 scraper cleaning machine

Detailed product description

The equipment is used for printing scraper cleaning, such as residual solder paste, dust cleaning.

"Scraper cleaning machine" uses the scraper to rotate in the rotating basket, and adopts high pressure spray, ultrasonic cleaning, rolling rinsing, large flow fan hot air drying and other technologies for cleaning to ensure the cleaning effect.


Do not use alcoholic liquids. If the user unauthorized use of alcohol liquid, resulting in safety accidents, the manufacturer will not be responsible.


Scope of application (printing scraper)


One-key operation, the whole cleaning process is automatic, cleaning liquid automatically add, put, without manual intervention. Equipment low energy consumption, low noise, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, all stainless steel structure, small footprint.


The machine cover is protected in the open state and cannot be started.

The outlet of all liquid storage tanks is equipped with a filter screen to prevent impurities from entering and protect the pump body.

Cleaning, rinsing, air cutting, drying function in one. The time and speed of adding, draining, cleaning and rinsing can be set through the man-machine interface.


Import PPH pipeline is easy to maintain


Solder paste recovery device


The nozzle pressure can be monitored during cleaning to ensure the cleaning effect.


The model SL-1 680

The device size is 1400*900*1300

Working basket diameter 200mm

Maximum length of scraper is 600mm

Work basket load 20KG

Gas pressure range is 0.4-0.6Mpa

The tank capacity is 60L

Spray pressure 0.15-0.3Mpa

Maximum power 18KW

Voltage/frequency 380V/50HZ

Recommended cleaning agent Water-based cleaning agent YSL-6001


Cleaning: The cleaning process generally uses water - based cleaning solution, plus. A heater must be used to heat the liquid prior to the cleaning operation to improve the cleaning capacity. Set the cleaning time on the touch screen. When cleaning, the high pressure water flow generated by the water pump will be removed from the residual solder paste on the scraper to achieve the purpose of chemical cleaning. The peeled solder paste is filtered out through the cloth bag filter device for recycling, so that the cleaning solution can be recycled and the service life of the cleaning solution can be prolonged. Make the cleaning part dry without residue. The permanent combination of pollutants will not lead to the gradual reduction of the effective ingredients in the solution and shorten the service life, safe and reliable after cleaning.


Rinsing: The rinsing process uses water as a rinsing solution, which is added from an external pipe. Set the rinse time on the touch screen. When flushing, use the pressure generated by the water pump to shake the liquid residue away from the fixture surface. The separated pollutants are filtered out through the filter device to avoid secondary pollution and ensure the cleaning effect.

Drying: The drying process is to use the high-temperature circulating hot air generated by the heater to dry the small amount of water and water vapor taken out of the scraper from the rinsing tank. In the flow of the wind, the heater will quickly heat the wind. When the hot air blows on the fixture surface, the circulating hot air speeds up the evaporation of the liquid. Moisture and moisture are removed from the tool to achieve the purpose of drying.



1, automatic charging and drainage, rinsing function

Compared with similar products of other brands, the equipment has added automatic drainage system, rinsing function, making the operation more simple and convenient.

2, tin paste recovery

Due to excessive solder paste on the scraper, a washable stainless steel bag filter was designed to recover the solder paste. Compared with the traditional disposable filter element, the consumable cost is greatly reduced.

Step 3: Pipe

Imported PPH pipe, using hot melt welding, can resist strong acid and alkali, to ensure long-term use without leakage. Compared with the stainless steel pipe maintenance, maintenance, replacement, more convenient and simple.

Return on investment

1, save labor

2. The service life of scraper is prolonged

3 Environmental protection and pollution-free, to prevent the harm of chemical substances to the human body

1. How many scraper can you fit?

Scraper size (mm) : 250-600

Display number (a handful) : 6

2. How long does it take?

According to the solder paste curing degree of the scraper, the cleaning time will be different. The following empirical data are available for reference:

Cleaning time (theoretical setting time)

Spray time 1-3 minutes

Ultrasonic cleaning time 3-8 minutes

Two spray time 2-5 minutes

Rinse time 1-3 minutes

Drying time is 3-7 minutes

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