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YS-350 online PCBA automatic cleaning machine

  • YS-350
  • 宇顺力

YS-350 online PCBA automatic cleaning machine

Detailed product description

Describes the main parameters of the device

Main technical parameters (YS-350)

PCB board size 320(width)

Coating drum size φ90*350L

The disk brush size is φ350mm

The operating height is 900mm±25mm

6 exhaust ports

The power of the equipment is 1 kW

Rated voltage 220V

Rated current 10A

Rated working pressure 0.6~0.7MPa

The overall size of the equipment is 1560(L) x 800(W) x 1300(H)mm

The warranty period is 1 year

Spindle speed 0-500 RPM (adjustable)


Equipment cleaning process


Cleaning fluid circulation filtration system (automatic circulation replenishment)


Rail conveying mechanism

1. Track width adjustment mode: manual wheel to adjust track speed 0.05 ~ 2.0m/min(stepless transmission) 2. orbital

Adjust the width Max.50-350MM

3. The orbit height is 900mm±50mm


Brush cleaning system

1. Brush material: soft black brush, anti-static brush

2. Spindle speed: 0~500RPM/MIN (stepless speed regulation)

3. Front 2-axis brush roller φ90*350L+ disc φ350mm

4. Back end 1 shaft brush roller φ90*350L+ disc φ350mm


Brush lift and drop

1. Lifting of the same platform: the front and rear of the manual wheel are adjusted separately

2. Synchronize both ends: Connect the left and right ends with a chain

3. Lifting height: 0~50mm


Automatic liquid level replenishment

1. Automatic replenishment: automatic replenishment of cleaning fluid according to the setting

2. Automatic cycle use: according to the set time, cycle to update the solvent in the cleaning tank, the cleaning tank liquid back to the liquid storage tank, reduce the amount of solvent


Equipment parameter Characteristics

1, automatic cleaning: chain claw track drive, smooth and efficient, automatic cleaning, scrubbing; No material spare, save energy

2. The whole process can be seen: the clean room is provided with Windows to observe the whole cleaning process

3, the most practical washing design: rolling brush and disc brush combination, rolling brush and disc can be detachable; Can change the direction of operation, completely solve the cleaning blind area

4, comprehensive cleaning system: chemical cleaning, the SMT PCBA welding surface residual rosin, tin beads, water-soluble flux, solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants for thorough and effective cleaning;

5. Fuselage village quality: the whole fuselage and shell are sprayed with cold plate powder, and the cleaning system is made of stainless steel with acid and alkali resistant cleaning liquid.

6. Cleaning the built-in filter device can realize solvent recovery and reduce solvent consumption

7. Lower operating costs: lower equipment investment costs, localized services, teams and adequate supply of spare parts.

8, ESD static requirements: less than 100V, meet the requirements of ESD S20.20-2014, with a strong barrier emergency stop button, leakage protection function;

Equipment working area

1. Cleaning area: two groups of cleaning, circulating storage of cleaning liquid in cleaning liquid storage tank, cleaning liquid filtration, liquid level monitoring. Pre-cleaning water pump: (1);

2. Liquid storage tank volume: ≤30L (1)

3. Liquid level protection: low limit and over limit.

4. Scrubbing area: Two scrubbing areas, 360-degree disk scrubbing, remove stubborn residual tin beads and dirt. The brushing speed can be adjusted, and different speeds can be adjusted for different products to achieve better brushing effect. Level 1 Rolling brush cleaning (pig black hair, anti-static), level 2 disc dry brush (pig black hair, anti-static), Level 3 rolling brush cleaning (pig black hair, anti-static), level 4 flat dry brush (pig black hair, anti-static).

5. Drying area: There is a cooling fan at the end of the exit plate to dry PCBA

Scope of application

Fully automatic YS-350 cleaning machine is an energy saving, environmental protection, batch cleaning integrated economic brush machine, can complete automatic online cleaning, air drying

Function is mainly used for military, aviation, aerospace electronics, medical, automotive new energy, automotive, large quantities of PCBA plate and other coating products and high-end precision products cleaning, can effectively clean the residual surface of PCBA flux welding, water-soluble flux, free cleaning flux/solder paste organic and inorganic pollutants;

b. Clean the solder paste and red glue of PCB board with bad printing.


Calculation of capacity

1. Transmission speed: adjustable 0.1-1.8m/min, recommended working speed is 0.4-1.5m/min

2. According to: according to 350mmX100mm board, working speed of 1 m/min;

3. Output per hour: about 600PCS/H(speed/length *60) This output is for reference only, subject to the actual situation)

----- Welcome customers to hold samples or send samples to test machine evaluation! ------

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