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SMT Printer PCB Printing Machine

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Smt Printer Pcb Printing Machine For Smd Led Autom-Smt Printer Pcb Printing Machine For Smd Led Autom Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on


SMT Stencil Machine can cater for PCB size up to 1200mm x 350mm come with many high performance and useful features such as APC (Automatic Pressure Check); Swappable Monitor Position; 2D inspection Function as standard.
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1.Suspended print head with programmable pressure automatic adjustment system
a) Programmable pressure automatic adjustment system support visible pressure values of front and rear squeegees and ensures accurate pressure control.
b) Pressures of front and rear squeegees are separately adjusted, to compensate pressure imbalance caused by fatigue deformation of squeegee to prevent from different printing quality in front and rear.
2.Standard stainless steel squeegee, unique design to improve the lifespan of squeegee blade.
3. alignment system
4.Table X/Y/θ automatic calibration system.
5.PCB clamping and support system. .
a) Magnetic pins;
b) PCB flexible side clamping system to ensure no bending and deformation during PCB clamping
c) Strong vacuum suction (optional)
d) Elastic Z-direction pressing tablets (optional)
e) Flexible automatic pins(optional)
6. NC slide way adjustment for conveyor width and speed.
7. Dry-type, wet-type and vacuum-type with arbitrary combination for stencil cleaning system.
8. System Requirements: IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) with Windows XP System
9. Built-in software diagnosis system.
10.Support 2D, SPC software function.
11. Standard SMEMA link port.


Smt Stencil Machine

Screen Frames


Squeegee Speed


Squeegee Pressure


Squeegee Angle


Squeegee Type

Stainless steel(standard),plastic

Stencil Separation Speed

0.1~20mm/sec (Programmable)

Cleaning System

Dry ,Wet,Vacuum (Programmable)

Table Adjustment Ranges


Air Required


Power Input


Control Method

PC Control

Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight


2D Inspection Automatic Stencil Positioning Solder Paste Printer For PCB Board 22D Inspection Automatic Stencil Positioning Solder Paste Printer For PCB Board 02D Inspection Automatic Stencil Positioning Solder Paste Printer For PCB Board 1

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