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Battery type industrial vacuum cleaner warehouse floor water absorbing powder vacuum cleaner

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Battery type industrial vacuum cleaner warehouse floor water absorbing powder vacuum cleaner

Product parameters:

Origin: Suzhou

Brand: yushunli

Product Name: 30L fixed supporting industrial vacuum cleaner

Product model: ys-2230 (three-phase electricity)

product details

Product size (L * w * h): 830 * 420 * 800mm power supply: 380VAC / 50Hz power: 2200W air flow: 310m ³/ H vacuum degree: 230mbar filter area: 8000m ² Filter precision: 0.3um noise: 68dB equipment suction diameter: 40mm barrel capacity: 30L power cord length: 5m weight: 56kg

[product highlights]

1. Three phase electric, 2.2kW industrial vacuum pump, in line with UL & CE and other international certification, durable and can work continuously for 24 hours;

2. The independent switch with international certification has leakage, phase loss, overheating and overload protection devices.

3. The standard HEPA high-efficiency filter has a filtering effect of more than 99.9% and a dust diameter of 0.3um;

4. Standard dust isolation filter screen can filter out large particles of more than 10 microns.

5. Large diameter Pu steel wire air inlet, durable and high temperature resistant

6. The barrel body of the machine is made of high-strength pure stainless steel, which is solid and durable. The 40mm suction port and the material collection barrel

It can be separated from the vacuum cleaner to facilitate dumping and material recovery.

7. Three phase 25A super large power socket, 5m thick rubber power cord, to ensure the stability of the machine.


[product introduction]

Yushunli ys-1015 dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaner adopts a round stainless steel barrel, which is durable and also equipped with a powerful silent motor (AMETEK professional motor). Strong suction, strong efficiency, solid structure, durable metal frame, and can be overturned to dump garbage or sewage. The standard high-efficiency filter includes dust separator, achieving double-layer filtration, and the filtration accuracy of 0.3 micron particles reaches 99.99%; It is suitable for dust collection on the factory floor and work surface, which can be used for dust and water absorption, dry and wet; It is an ideal machine for cleaning fine dust such as chip oil, water, metal dust and plastic dust.

[product highlights]


[standard accessories]

Yushunli ys-1015 dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with dust collector, water suction scraper, round brush, flat suction nozzle, S-shaped steel pipe, hose, long connector and short connector

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