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Drying box anti-static moisture-proof box

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Drying box anti-static moisture-proof box

product details

Technical parameters:

Model: grd450f / grd450bf / grd450cf

Boundary dimension (w * D * h): 900 * 600 * 1010mm

Internal dimension (w * h * d): 855 * 570 * 840mm

Volume: 450L

Humidity range: 1% - 10% RH 10%-20%RH. 20%-60%RH

Number of laminates: 3

Power supply: 110V / 220V 50Hz / 60Hz adaptive

Average power: 15-60w

Product specification:

Medium humidity (settable)



Low humidity (automatic)



Ultra low humidity (automatic)



◆ working principle: the inner door of the dehumidification host is opened, the outer door is closed, the high molecular environmental hygroscopic material absorbs the water vapor in the electronic moisture-proof box, the inner door is closed, the outer door is opened, the heater heats the hygroscopic material to evaporate the water vapor to the outside of the moisture-proof box, and the shape memory alloy and spring are responsible for opening and closing the door internally and externally The above steps are carried out circularly under the control of the intelligent microcomputer program control system to gradually reduce the humidity in the moisture-proof box.

◆ purpose: mainly store various forms of integrated circuits (ICS)

Such as monolithic, LSI, VLSI, bipolar, MDS, CCD, MCM, dip, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, VSOP, sdip, sip, SOJ, SVP, qfj, CSP, KGD, PGA, QFP, TCP, LCA and BGA packaging.

Optional: optional stainless steel cabinet or stainless steel laminate

◆ main technical characteristics

Humidity sensor: American original brand Honeywell high-precision humidity sensor with error less than ± 2% RH is adopted.

Temperature and humidity display: LED ultra high brightness digital display Temperature display: - 9 ℃ ~ 99 ℃, accuracy ± 1 ℃.

Humidity display: 0% ~ 99% R. accuracy ± 3% RH. Accurate and stable display, long service life The humidity setting has the memory function, and there is no need to reset after power failure.

Dehumidification host: adopt imported high molecular temperature absorbing materials through technical cooperation with Japan. The shell is made of imported high temperature resistant plastic particles. Durable without deformation.

Power supply system: UL CE certified switching power supply system is adopted

Cabinet structure: it is made of 1-1.2mm high-quality steel plate. The cabinet is designed with high-strength structure, with good load-bearing performance, no gas leakage and excellent sealing performance,

The surface of the anti-static cabinet is sprayed with special anti-static powder and produced by an automatic powder spraying line. The product has strong corrosion resistance and resistance value of 106-108 ohms,

360 ° is installed at the bottom of the cabinet? Rotating anti-static caster with brake is convenient to move and fix.

Cabinet door window: the door frame window is pressed with 5.0mm high-strength tempered glass The door handle adopts a plane pressure high-strength integrated handle lock with anti-theft function.

Load bearing laminate: the laminate is designed with reinforced structure, with high strength and heavy load. The uniformly distributed load can bear a maximum load of 100kg. The height gap can be adjusted according to the height of the articles placed. Making it easier to store items. Space utilization is higher.

Dehumidification principle: the dehumidification host of the electronic moisture-proof box is made of high molecular environmental friendly hygroscopic materials, and the shape memory alloy system is used for dehumidification. It has an intelligent microcomputer program-controlled system Just set the required control humidity

The equipment works automatically The shell of the main engine is made of high-temperature flame-retardant materials to eliminate potential safety hazards. The automatic moisture absorption design after power failure can still use the chemical moisture absorption function to continue dehumidification, and the humidity rise within 24 hours is not more than 10%. No moisture, no heat, no dripping. Energy saving, long service life.


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