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Stamp cutting machine price | stamp cutting machine manufacturer | stamp cutting machine purchase wholesale | stamp cutting machine market | stamp cutting machine supplier

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Stamp cutting machine price | stamp cutting machine manufacturer | stamp cutting machine purchase wholesale | stamp cutting machine market | stamp cutting machine supplier

product details

Travel speed: 8 ~ 15s adjustable (excluding the time for placing and taking parts)

Plate laying area: 330 × 220mm

Working pressure: 0.50-0.70mpa dry air source

Cylinder return mold opening force: 1.5T 4T 5T

Punching force: 3T 8t 10t

Machine size: 820 × seven hundred and forty × 1750mm

Working stroke: ≥ 60mm

Working noise: ≤ 60dB

Working accuracy: ± 0.05mm

Machine weight: 580kg

Operating voltage: 220VAC


1. PCBA plate splitting machine is a die blanking plate splitting machine.

2. The equipment is compact in structure, solid in body, and the cylinder diameter is 125160200.

3. The equipment operates smoothly, with low vibration and noise.

4. Chinese touch screen display, clear panel, Chinese alarm function display, abnormal alarm at a glance.

5. The equipment is universal. Multiple molds can be replaced, and the mold replacement is convenient and fast.

Equipment safety:

1. Double switch two hands action start.

2. The equipment is equipped with a lower mold entrance and exit slide, and the lower mold automatically enters and exits, making it convenient and safe to take and place products.

3. Set the emergency stop switch to stop the machine in case of any problem.

4. The safety door shall be set to avoid the manual entry during the installation and commissioning of the mold. (it does not work without safety door during normal operation)

5. Set the opposite shooting device at the safety door. The wrong plate and the opposite shooting device on the mold can induce errors, and the mold cannot enter.

6. Safety air pressure setting function, over limit alarm. Automatic counting and over limit shutdown.

7. Minimize the internal stress generated during plate cutting and avoid tin cracking

8. High efficiency of punching and cutting semi-finished PCB and FPC


Welcome customers to come or send samples to test machine for evaluation!

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