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  • YSPE-10
  • 宇顺力

Technology - proven records

1. Manufacturer's relevant experience in the industry, specific customers, market share, etc. manufacturer's seniority, scale, customers and stability in the industry. Jingcheng technology, Guanghong technology, customer stability

2. The manufacturer's USI experience, whether there is the same model or other equipment used in USI - it can meet the process requirements and has fewer faults.

FPC punch plate splitting machine – YSPE punch plate splitting machine features:

1. PCBA plate splitting machine is a die punching plate splitting machine.

2. The equipment is compact in structure and solid in body, and the cylinder is Taiwan Yadeke.

3. The equipment operates smoothly, with low vibration and noise.

4. Chinese touch screen display, clear panel, Chinese alarm function display, abnormal alarm at a glance.

5. The equipment is universal. Various molds can be replaced, and the replacement of molds is convenient and fast.

6. Equipment safety:

7. Double switch two hand action start.

8. The equipment is equipped with a lower mold entry and exit slide, and the lower mold automatically enters and exits, making it convenient and safe to take and place products.

9. Set the emergency stop switch to stop the machine in time in case of any problem.

10. Set the safety door to avoid the accidental entry of hands when installing and debugging the mold (it will not work without the safety door during normal operation)

11. The safety door shooting device is set. The wrong plate is placed on the mold, and the shooting device can sense errors, and the mold cannot enter

12. Safety air pressure setting function, over limit alarm. Automatic counting and over limit shutdown.

13. Reduce the internal stress generated during plate cutting and avoid tin cracking

14. Punching semi-finished PCB and FPC is efficient, and it is the designated product supplier of the world's top 500

Equipment details:

Password protection of equipment parameters: password protection - three-level password protection

Punch stress: according to the product

Interface operation - easy to operate: Willem touch screen

Whether the falling speed of punch is adjustable: adjustable - adjustable

Punch stroke adjustable range -: the larger the better -80mm ± 15mm adjustable

Mold in and out mode: automatic

Safety -: grating - safety door - emergency switch

Punch stroke: the larger the better -110mm

Punch tonnage: ≥ 10t-15t

Punch adjustment accuracy: the higher the better -0.01mm

Applicable mold type: the more types, the better - various precision steel molds

Factory report of equipment: there are factory reports - various test reports

Die punching times life monitoring -: monitored - guaranteed for one year

Model switching time - short time -: within 5 minutes

Machine weight: 850kg

CMK:>1.67 >1.67

Punch speed - the faster the better: About 9s

Thickness range of punch copper substrate PCB: 0mm~2mm-0mm~3mm

Equipment voltage: 220V

Overall dimension of the machine: length, width and height 1000*800*1750mm

Equipment power: 40W

Equipment air pressure: -0.5-0.7mpa

The maximum size range of punch PCB: ≥ 350*350mm- the larger the better -450mm*350mm

Punch copper substrate PCB accuracy: ± 0.05mm- ± 0.05mm

Copper substrate PCB punching burr: burr <0.1mm- no burr

Copper powder residue on the surface of copper substrate PCB: no copper powder residue - no copper powder residue - the waste half will automatically fall into the drawer for recycling

Flatness of PCB punching surface of copper substrate: PCB cutting surface is flat and smooth -pcb cutting surface is flat and smooth

Welcome customers to come with samples or send samples to test the machine for evaluation!

[old brand of plate splitting machine, yushunli first] "yushunli plate splitting machine" Suzhou yushunli Kunshan Dongguan Chang'an yushunli automation equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of milling plate splitting machine, PCBA router, led plate splitting machine, light bar plate splitting machine, punch plate splitting machine, FPC punch plate splitting machine, PCB plate splitting machine, PCB circuit board splitting machine, curve plate splitting machine, pneumatic plate splitting machine, circuit board splitting machine, PCB cutting machine, PCB Gong plate machine, aluminum substrate plate splitting machine, walking knife plate splitting machine, Automatic dividing machine, curve dividing machine, etc. The equipment is mainly used in: various soft and hard PCB boards, fr4/fr6 PCB, soft FPC, LED light strip, LED light strip, aluminum substrate, copper substrate stamping and splitting machine, etc. in mobile phone flat panel and other communication digital electronics, household appliances, LED lighting, security electronics and other related electronic industries.

Suzhou yushunli Electronics Co., Ltd. South China address: (Headquarters)

Address: No.10, Shanquan Road, yongtou village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Tel /tel:0769-88087410

Miss Liu's consultation Tel.: 13862072520

East China address: Address: No. 1068, Jinyang East Road, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province (Guorui Industrial Park)

Tel /tel:0512-62751429

Mr. Cao's consultation Tel.: 13450659407

Email /mail:

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