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Automatic PCB Cutting Machine,online PCB Cutting Machine Manufacturers

  • YSVC-650
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Automatic PCB Cutting Machine,online PCB Cutting Machine Manufacturers-YSVC-650


1.High efficiency:It merely needs a few minutes to make a piece of PCB.

2.Safety :Enclosed Work Area ;Door Interlock Sensors ;Emergency Stop Button


I. Hardware
System models / typesWindows XP Professional
FootPrint (LxWxH)800mm*850mm*1700mm
Weight (Approximate)150KG
Adjustable machine footings (for height)60~110mm
Manipulator MotorPanasonic MINAS A5 series
Manipulator Repeatability0.001mm
Axis configuration
Maximum Axis Travel (X,Y,Z)400mm*650mm*50mm
Work station
Board PositioningFixture positioning, thimble universal positioning, vision correction
Routing Range320mm*320mm
Panel Thickness3mm
Rigid FixturingUniversal thimble & anti-static fixture
Top ClampUsing hole positioning
Spindle Motor
Max. speed60000rpm/min
CoolingNatural cooling and air-cooled
Router bit size3mm*3mm
Tool changeUse Special wrench
Routing capability

Max routing speed100mm/s
Vacuum System
Power0.75KW220V Single-phase motor
FiltrationVertical and horizontal
Power1.5KW AC220V
Air supply4~5KG/cm2

Our advantage:

1.we can do the designs according to the customers' requirement

2.we can offer you the high quality & reasonable price

3.we can offer your a good after-sell service .

4.we have strong professinal design team

5. promptly delivery. small order is welcome

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Suzhou yushunli Electronics Co., Ltd. South China address: (Headquarters)

Address: No. 10, Shanquan Road, yongtou village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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