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Base plate dividing machine cutting machine cutting machine

  • YSVC-450
  • 宇顺力

Base plate dividing machine cutting machine cutting machine

Ysvc-450 machine features:

1. Base plate splitting machine cutting machine cutting machine newly developed splitting machine, new style rigid mechanical structure design, new splitting strength improved.

2. Electric hybrid design, pneumatic output, guillotine type work, solenoid valve control, plate cutting stroke is less than 2mm, and the vibration during plate splitting is very small.  

3. Reduce the internal stress generated during plate cutting to the minimum to avoid tin cracking and prevent damage to precision parts.

4. The distance between the V-groove and the parts is allowed to be as close as 0.5mm, and the maximum part at the edge of the V-groove can be cut is 50mm.

5. The split control operation is operated by the foot pedal.

6. The clearance between two straight knives can be easily adjusted. After the tool is worn, it can be reground and reused.

7. Due to the large output of the machine, it is safer and easier to cut various aluminum substrates with a thickness of more than 1.8mm.

8. It is very suitable for cutting 500-800mm thick metal substrates and aluminum substrates with V-grooves.

9. base plate dividing machine cutting machine plate cutting machine -ysvc-450 machine specification:

10. model: ysvc-450

11. base plate splitting machine cutting machine -ysvc-450 straight knife effective splitting distance at one time: 450mm (extended blade can be customized)

12. maximum partition length: infinite

13. base plate splitting machine cutting machine -ysvc-450 splitting thickness: 0.3-3.5mm

14. plate splitting speed: determined by the operator's proficiency

15. baseplate splitting machine cutting machine -ysvc-450 working air pressure: 0.50-0.70mpa dry air source

16. base plate splitting machine cutting machine-ysvc-450 service voltage and power: 220vac--10w

17. baseplate splitting machine cutting machine-ysvc-450 machine weight: 475kg

18. baseplate splitting machine cutting machine-ysvc-450 overall dimension: 900*760*750mm

The distributor welcomes customers to come with samples or send samples for trial evaluation!

[old brand of plate splitting machine, yushunli first] "yushunli plate splitting machine" Suzhou yushunli Kunshan Dongguan Chang'an yushunli automation equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of milling type plate splitting machine, PCBA router, led plate splitting machine, light bar plate splitting machine, punch plate splitting machine, FPC punch plate splitting machine, PCB plate splitting machine, PCB circuit board splitting machine, curve plate splitting machine, pneumatic plate splitting machine, circuit board splitting machine, PCB cutting machine, PCB Gong plate splitting machine, aluminum substrate plate splitting machine, walking knife plate splitting machine, Automatic dividing machine, curve dividing machine, etc. The equipment is mainly used in: various soft and hard PCB boards, fr4/fr6 PCB, soft FPC, LED light strip, LED light strip, aluminum substrate, copper substrate stamping and splitting machine, etc. in mobile phone flat panel and other communication digital electronics, household appliances, LED lighting, security electronics and other related electronic industries.

Suzhou yushunli Electronics Co., Ltd. South China address: (Headquarters)

Address: No. 10, Shanquan Road, yongtou village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province


Miss Liu: 13862072520

East China address: Address: No. 1068, Jinyang East Road, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province (Guorui Industrial Park)


Mr. Cao's telephone number: 13450659407

Mailbox /mail: seles@hk -yush. com  

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