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On line Gong board machine PCB board circuit board cutting machine yushunli Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

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On line Gong board machine PCB board circuit board cutting machine yushunli Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

product details

Equipment size: 1220mm * 1450mm * 1420mm

Weight: 500kg

Adjustable foot height: 60 ~ 110mm

2. Manipulator

Control motor type: Panasonic Minas A4 series

Control motor repetition accuracy: 0.001mm

Maximum working range of each shaft: 680mm * 360mm * 50mm

3. Work station

Plate positioning mode: fixture positioning, universal thimble positioning, visual correction

Upper and lower plate method: manual placement

Maximum dimension of partition: 320mm * 320mm

Maximum plate thickness: 5mm

4. Fixing

Rigid fixture: Universal thimble (metal) and special anti-static fixture

Upper end clamping: hole positioning

5. Spindle motor

Power: 400W

Maximum speed: 40000 RPM / min

Cooling mode: natural cooling and air cooling

Tool replacement method: special wrench replacement

6. Routing capability

Maximum cutting speed: 100mm / S

Maximum moving speed: 3000mm / S

Cutting repetition accuracy: 0.01mm

7. Vacuum system

Filter system power: 1.5kw220v single-phase motor

Filter: vertical and horizontal

8. Utilities

Power: 2kW AC220V

Air supply: 2 ~ 5kg / cm2

9. Programming

Programming mode: online programming

Editing function: straight line, oblique line, circle arc, circle

Program storage: select the storage location as required

Configuration programming CCD: Computar series high pixel color CCD

Tool diameter compensation: provide different angles and shapes for users to choose

Filter setting: automatically clean the filter after each processing and collect the dust to the dust collection box

10. Operation monitors

Tricolor lamp: high brightness tricolor lamp monitors various working conditions of the machine

Tool quality detection: automatic tool life detection, service time detection

Motor overheating detection: it has the protection functions of overheating, overload and low voltage

Servo overload detection: with overload, whether the line is normal, low voltage and other protection functions

Tool life tracking: automatic tool life detection,

Plate counting: plate model, plate counting and diversified counting methods.

Machine error record: the software automatically memorizes all alarm records of the machine

11. Accuracy

Shaft position accuracy: 0.001mm

Plate splitting accuracy: 0.01mm

12. Safety

Working scope protective cover: adopt four-sided sealing protection

Interlock protection sensor of the door: the front and rear safety door microswitches sense,

Emergency stop button: left and right workbench


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Address: No. 10, Shanquan Road, yongtou village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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