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Spot supply Dongguan yushunli hot selling circuit board circuit board splitting machine

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Spot supply Dongguan yushunli hot selling circuit board circuit board splitting machine

product details

Product attributes:

The whole series is equipped with high-speed CCD vision automatic correction system, which improves the cutting accuracy and operation efficiency. It adopts high-speed spindle to split the board, with small cutting stress and high precision, and is suitable for PCB boards with irregular shapes. Double working platform, which can perform cutting and circuit board placement at the same time to improve the efficiency. Self developed dust collection device, low noise, improved efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Application Industry:

The whole series is equipped with visual alignment correction function, which is more suitable for PCB cutting and splitting operations with high precision and high productivity. Such as mobile phones, automotive electronics, medical devices, aerospace. The widened and large size is suitable for the sub board processing of large circuit boards such as digital TV, PC motherboard and server. Standard fixture or special fixture can be selected to assist in plate cutting to improve productivity. Use double working platforms to place workpieces, reduce waiting time and increase production capacity.

product details

Cutting speed: 0-100mm / S

Repetition accuracy: ± 0.01mm

Cutting accuracy: ± 0.02mm

CCD identifies mark point, with visual compensation function

Weight: 1000kg

Ion air gun

Power consumption: 3kw

Voltage of main machine and dust collector: 220V 1 ψ/ 380V 3 ψ

Spindle: max60000rpm

Dust collector: 3HP

Operation interface: PC Windows platform HD color CCD camera

10. Y.z drive mode: AC servo motor

. x.y working stroke: 290 * 350mm

Product introduction:

1. PCB splitting machine replaces manual breaking, V-CUT or push cutting defects, effectively improves product quality and reduces external stress on products,

2. Equipped with high-pixel CCD lens, auxiliary program teaching and editing functions, with higher accuracy and precision


3. Automatic mark point positioning correction system, real-time display of moving path and simulated route tracking, effectively improving cutting accuracy.

4. The left and right workbench copy, block copy, display, multi angle connection board copy, single step tracking and modification function, block editing and modification function of the program accurately simplify the time of program production and improve the editing efficiency.

5. The vacuum cleaner and high-voltage electrostatic elimination device made of high-power imported fan improve the dust collection effect.

6. Tool life monitoring to extend the life of milling cutter.

7. Adopt double platforms to cut PCB boards, reduce waiting time and effectively improve productivity.


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[old brand of board splitting machine, yushunli is the first to be promoted] "yushunli board splitting machine" Suzhou yushunli Kunshan Dongguan Chang'an yushunli automation equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in developing milling cutter type board splitting machine, PCBA router, LED board splitting machine, light bar board splitting machine, Punch Board splitting machine, FPC punch board splitting machine, PCB board splitting machine, PCB circuit board splitting machine, curve board splitting machine, pneumatic board splitting machine, circuit board splitting machine, PCB cutting machine, PCB Gong board machine, aluminum substrate board splitting machine, walking knife board splitting machine, Automatic plate splitting machine, curve plate splitting machine, etc. The equipment is mainly used in various soft and hard PCB boards, FR4 / fr6 PCB, soft FPC, LED light strip, LED light strip, aluminum substrate, copper substrate stamping and splitting machine, etc. of mobile phone tablet and other communication digital electronics, household appliances, LED lighting, security electronics and other related electronic industries.

Suzhou yushunli Electronics Co., Ltd. South China address: (Headquarters)

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