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Manual PCB Separator YSV-2M

  • YSV-2M
  • 宇顺力


Manual PCB Separator Feature

● Circular blade cuts against linear blade to ensure clean, burr-free processing

without board stress.

● Quick-lock blade for easy board thickness setup,the distance between upper
round cutter and lower straight cutter can be adjusted precisely.

● Back bench height can be adjusted upwards and downwards to support the
PCB or tilted so that PCBs fall away from blade.

● Hardened tooled steel long-life blades.






Aluminum base board.

copper substrate.

FR4, pcb board.

glass fiber board.


Take off the power botton and clean the machine after finish working
Be careful to protect the upper and lower blade
Move the blades and protect them with machine oil
Check the screw fastening time to time


Machine video reference URL:






------Customers are welcome to take samples or send samples related to the base plate dividing machine to come to the test machine for evaluation------

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