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Board splitting machine desktop gongboard machine PCB desktop curve board splitting machine ysl-530

  • YSL-530
  • 宇顺力


PCB desktop curve splitting machine-ysl-530


1. Desktop single table cutting machine, with a speed of 100 mm / s and a positioning speed of 600 mm / s.

2. The high-quality rotating shaft system enables the system to accelerate and decelerate quickly, reduce the synchronization time, improve productivity, and maintain high accuracy.

3. Use high-quality hardware to ensure high rigidity and high performance.

4. All lead screws are covered to prevent dust and dirt from entering, so as to improve the service life and performance of the rotating shaft.

5. Avoid tin crack and parts damage caused by manual folding.

6. Avoid the use of punching or folding, which may cause mechanical stress problems.

7. Suitable for arc and line cutting of finished plate.

8. It is suitable for cutting small pieces of multi wrench, such as mobile phone base plate, PDA, PC interface card, etc.

PCB desktop curve splitting machine-ysl-530 parameters:

1. Drive system motor: stepping servo motor

2. Spindle: high speed spindle

3. Cutting performance: 600mm / S

4. Repetition accuracy of drive system: ± 0.02mm

5. Cutting speed: max. 100mm / s, depending on circuit board material and cutting quality

6. Resolution: ± 0.01mm

7. Configuration: X, y and Z axes, stroke: 600 * 400 * 100mm, stroke can also be customized.

8. Repeated cutting accuracy: < 0.05mm, for the contour of straight line and curve

9. Circuit board positioning: special or standard fixture

10. Loading and unloading mode: manual mode

11. Circuit board thickness: 0.4mm-4mm

12. Safety settings: machine emergency stop switch, spindle emergency stop switch, spindle motor overheating and servo motor overload detection

13. Spindle motor:

Power: 0.3 kw

Maximum speed: 60000 rpm

Cooling mode: air cooling

14. Machine size: 950 * 850 * 815mm

15. Weight: 73kg

16. Programming mode: computer display + CCD Teaching

17. Data storage capacity: Unlimited

18. Control mode: microcomputer control, online teaching programming, CAD file import

19. Transmission mechanism: guide rail + screw rod (Taiwan)

20. Vacuum cleaner: 1.5kw, 220V; Size: 710 * 390 * 680mm; It can work continuously for 24 hours

21. Dust collection method: lower dust collection

22. Safety measures: equipped with protective cover

23. Machine travel: 600 * 400 * 100mm (x, y, z axes), travel can be customized

Welcome customers to come or send samples to test machine for evaluation!

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