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Dongguan manufacturer multi knife plate splitting machine

  • YSVJ-650
  • 宇顺力


Dongguan manufacturer multi knife plate splitting machine


1. Two sets of knives are suitable for cutting aluminum substrate and FR4 substrate, and one set of knives is suitable for cutting FR4 substrate

2. Floor type structure is adopted as a whole

3. The equipment is used for multi group and multi knife automatic plate splitting, which can fully meet the lamp strips with a width of more than 8mm, and the wrong knife can meet the lamp strips with a width of more than 4mm

4. There is a man-machine interface, and acrylic cover is used on the table to ensure safety

5. The electrical control part can be selected on the human-machine interface to facilitate opening or shielding;

6. The machine can be changed quickly;

7. Overall dimension of equipment: length 2160 * width * 570 height 1050 (distance between light strip and ground: 900mm)

8. The working surface of the equipment adopts 45 # steel plate or A3 steel plate, with nickel plating on the surface;

9. The automatic line equipment rack adopts square welding rack, the sheet metal parts are sealed, and the surface is baked with steel paint;

It needs to run under the following environment data:

10. Indoor temperature: 0 ℃ - 40 ℃

11. Environmental noise: 40dB - 80dB

12. Air humidity: 10% - 80%

13. Working place: clean room 2.1 general conditions and requirements

14. The ambient temperature (0 ° to 40 ° C) and the air humidity fluctuate according to the season, which is an essential function of the equipment

15. Vibration speed: 1mm / s -- 5mm / S

Yushunli equipment service advantages:

1. Original manufacturer of splitting machine, with favorable price

2. Limited time complaint handling service, reply to customers within half an hour

3. Board splitting expert, providing professional PCB / FPC board splitting scheme

4. Arrive at your company within a limited time for maintenance service

5. 24-hour technical support service


Welcome customers to come or send samples to test machine for evaluation!

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