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On - line Pcb splitter YSL-880AT

  • YS-880AT
  • 宇顺力

On - line Pcb splitter YSL-880AT

Detailed Product Description

I. Basic parameter specifications:

1. Working range of the backing plate: 300mmx350mm

2.XYZ drive mode: AC servo motor

3. Number of moving axes: 7 axes

4. Program teaching mode: color ccd image visual teaching input

5. Operation interface: win7 window operation interface

6. Upper vacuum power: 2hp, lower dust collector power: 3hp (optional 5hp)

7. Cutting spindle sycotec (Germany) : max80000rpm (automatic tool change)

8.X-Y AC servo speed: 0-1000mm/sec;

9.Z AC servo speed: 0-800mm/ SEC

10.X-Y repetition accuracy: ±0.01mm

11. Cutting accuracy: ±0.02mm

12.Ccd camera calibration accuracy: ±0.01mm

13. Plate stress value: below 300uε

14. Tool diameter: 0.8-2.3mm

15.Pcb board cutting thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm

16. Pressure of main machine and dust collector: 220v 1φ, 3φ

17. Power consumption: 3.5kva

18. Static gun

19. Visual system: high-resolution digital camera

20. Drive motor: AC brushless servo motor

21. Mechanical take-and-release arm: anti-static vacuum suction nozzle

22. Feeding mode: rail transport

23. Discharging mode: belt conveyor or vehicle output or rail conveyor

24. Load transfer mode: vacuum nozzle adsorption load transfer

25. Flow: Left → correct

26. Program backup: usb interface

27. Control mode: Special controller

28 Dust collecting cabinet Size: 640mm×785mm×1760mm (d×w×h)

29. Machine size: 2014mm×1230mm×1650mm (d×w×h)

30. Main machine + dust collector weight: 1000kg


2 Introduction to device configuration

1. Claw plate structure

The product is clamped onto the plate and placed on the processing platform. After the processing is completed, the clamping and placement track of the plate fixture is obtained again, and the next process is entered.


2, track special products open plate clamp


3, special products open plate clamp rail unloading

After the product is cut by the in-line automatic plate splitter, the material clamps remove the entire product fixture and place the unloading track to transport the next production process.


4. Automatic tool change mode

a. Adopt automatic tool changing spindle imported from Germany. Save time, realize automation, reduce human factors, high precision, strong stability

b, built in five groups of milling cutter library, convenient automatic replacement of milling cutter, to meet the needs of plate processing.


5. Vacuum suction cup taking structure

a, take and release device: automatic loading and unloading (modular vacuum suction jaws, vacuum device, can be independently controlled)

B. Transmission structure: X2 axis moving Z2, Z3 axis absorption, AC servo motor control.

c, board speed: 0-1000mm/sec (adjustable)


6. Fixture tray unloading mode for special products

Vacuum suction cup feed shaft for one-time vacuum suction products, placed special product fixture transport to the next production process.

Software set milling cutter segmentation function, automatic cutting compensation, prolong the service life of milling cutter, reduce the cost.


----- Welcome customers to hold samples or send samples to test machine evaluation! ------

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