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SE series reflux furnace

  • YSL-708AHSE
  • 宇顺力

SE series reflux furnace


Main Specifications

Model: SL-1 708AHSE/ SL-1 708HSE/SL-1 708NHSE/SL-1 710AHSE/SL-1 710HSE/ SL-1 710NHSE/SL-1 712AHSE/ SL-1 712HSE/ SL-1 712HSE/ SL-1 712NHSE

Heating system

Heating area :8 heating areas, 16 heating modules, 10 heating modules, 20 heating modules 12 heating modules, 24 heating modules

Heating length :2950mm 3670mm 4350mm

Cooling mode: Double cooling: forced air cooling/water cooling (Optional: three cooling zones)

Exhaust diameter value :2-145, exhaust 15m³/min*2

Conveying system

Width: Min50mm-Max270mm(at the same time)/Min50mm-Max500mm(single track)

Conveying direction :L→R, R→L

Entrance height :900±20mm

Fixed rail side: The front and rear end rails are fixed, and the 2 central rails are adjustable

Transport mode: chain + network belt synchronous transport

Component height: Clearance based on guide rail :30mm above, 20mm below

Transmission speed :300mm-1500mm/min(optional double speed)

Control system

Power supply :AC3 5W 380V 50/60Hz

Total power :70kw 89kw 108kw

Starting power :35kw 40kw 42kw

Operating power :10kw 11.5kw 13kw

Temperature range: room temperature to 320℃

Control mode :PC+PLC control system

Rail width adjustment mode: electric + manual

Temperature control accuracy :±1℃

PCB temperature deviation :±2℃

Data storage: Handles data and state storage

Power failure protection: equipped with UPS

Operation interface :Windows simplified Chinese, English online free switch

Size (length * width * height):5055*1610*1515mm 5775*1610*1515mm 6495*1610*1515mm

Weight: 2500-2700kg 2900-3100kg 3300-3500kg

Manual + electric widening structure design, equipped with emergency manual transmission structure, to prevent burning PCB during power failure.


Conveying system: Stable and reliable anti-deformation structure design.

Built-in temperature profile test function, virtual simulation function, save setting time.


Two cooling zones

Cooling system, new patent structure design, forced air cooling, water cooling structure, can be upgraded and replaced; Easy and fast maintenance; Cooling zone temperature display is adjustable.


Modular structure for easy cleaning and maintenance. Front and rear return air design, effectively prevent the influence of air flow between regions, to ensure accurate temperature control. Long life high performance hot air motor. Inverter control, wind speed adjustable hot air motor.

High precision nitrogen flow agent and oxygen analyzer can accurately control the nitrogen flow, and can be equipped with nitrogen closed-loop control system, to achieve low nitrogen consumption, low cost production.


Optional: Full nitrogen filling optional, multi - way to protect product welding quality, improve production efficiency.


On-line maintenance of reflux furnace system, simple operation, convenient and fast, effectively reduce customer production costs.

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