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Pulse hot press welding machine

  • YSPP-1A
  • 宇顺力


Equipment operation description

The main parameters of the hot press equipment are: temperature, time and pressure. If these three factors are controlled, the welding products will be stable. Hot press

Generally, PCB / FPC / FFC products are connected with each other by solder to achieve functions.

For welding products, it is very important to set the above parameters accurately. A good solder joint can make two solder joints fully welded

Appearance: molten tin occurs on the surface of two parts. Only when the above parameters are effectively cooperated can good products be welded.

FPC is composed of two layers of polyimide and copper platinum. The operating temperature scale of FPC is 130 to 200 degrees. It can be full

Taste up to 300 ℃ short time welding temperature. Since PCB and FPC will bring heat dissipation effect to the indenter during welding

(FPC and PCB will absorb heat. When the indenter is pressed down, due to the convection between the data to be welded and the air around the indenter, the indenter will

Heat dissipation). In addition, the thickness of FPC is between 0.02 and 0.12, so the loss of 50 to 80 degrees may occur when reaching the welding surface

Therefore, the loss temperature should be added to the set temperature (solder melting point plus loss temperature)

Parameter value and its setting scale:

1、 Setting of heating speed.

There are 8 gears in the heating speed range (gear 1 to gear 8). Gear 1 is the fastest and gear 8 is the slowest. Its setting is consistent with the width of the pressure head

of Slow heating gear (i.e. gears 6, 7 and 8) is used for narrow head (10mm), and fast heating gear (i.e. gears 1, 2 and 3) is used for wide head (e.g. 80mm). 2、 Temperature and time setting: the temperature setting is divided into three stages: preheating, welding and cooling.

1. Setting of preheating temperature in the first stage: make the solder point of the solder pad reach the melting point. The setting value is about the melting point temperature of tin. Lead free

About 230 degrees There is lead at about 180 degrees The time is set at 2 to 4 seconds. The advantages of preheating setting are:

1) It takes a few seconds for the temperature of the indenter to rise to the welding temperature (including the set time of holding the temperature). During this time, the welding is assisted

Agent activation, by removing the oxide layer to improve the melting of tin. Preheating is generally used in large products with more heat dissipation, or when soft

Weak substrates (such as ceramics) require more controlled heating to avoid cracking

2) When the second stage is heated, the tin of the solder pad can move well and smoothly back and forth. Otherwise, when the second stage is heated

The head suddenly rises to the melting temperature of tin, causing the solder on the pad tin to melt suddenly under pressure, and the pad

The low temperature at both ends makes the tin unable to move back and forth, resulting in short circuit due to left and right movement

2. Setting of the heating temperature of the second stage: the FPC and PCB are completely connected together, and the setting value is based on the raw materials to be welded

It depends Generally, the lead content is about 230 to 320 degrees Lead free is about 280 to 350 degrees. Due to different products,

The size of the indenter is different, resulting in different heat dissipation speed Set the temperature according to the heat dissipation

Note: when the electrodeposited copper of FPC is below 0.03mm, the temperature of the two sections should not be set too high. It is probably after the tin is completely melted

The melting temperature is enough If the temperature is too high, the temperature transmitted to the welding surface through FPC will also be too high, resulting in strong activity of tin

Mobility Simple formation of short circuit and tin bead. And the product will change color due to high temperature. If the temperature is set too low, it will cause snowflake

Short circuit

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