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High efficiency and stability replace manual welding pulse heating touch screen rotary soldering machine

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to configure

1. Low pressure cylinder: SMC 2. Rotary cylinder: SMC 3. Pressure gauge: pointer

4. Cylinder solenoid switch: SMC 5. Solenoid valve: Taiwan 6. Connector and air pipe: Taiwan

7. Filter regulator: Taiwan 8. Pneumatic cylinder precision regulator: SMC 9. Rotary motor: precision stepping motor

10. Control system: independently developed 11. Power transformer: 220V, 2000W 12. Drive module: 45A

13. Vacuum generator: SMC 14. Button switch: Schneider 15. Relay: OMRON

16. Switching power supply: 1 17. Two color LED: 1 18. CCD + display: two

19. Chassis parts: Aluminum plus bending parts 20. Touch screen displays temperature curve 21. Body color: cyan gray


Suitable for various high-density tab, TCP crimping and FPC, FFC and PCB solder crimping

technical parameter

Machine size 620 × six hundred and ninety × 570mm working size: max. 120x120mm

Weight: 95kg working pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa

Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz, 2300W temperature setting: II

Working environment: 10-60 ℃, 40% - 95% welding pressure: 1 ~ 20kg

Temperature setting: RT ~ 500 ℃, error ± 5 ℃, pressing time: 1 ~ 99.9s

Thermal accuracy: pitch 0.2mm nozzle size: Max 60x3mm

Bit mode: CCD + LCD monitor lamp No.: 2

Discharge mode: manual processing start: manual system

Heating: heating pulse rise time 1-2 seconds platform rotation: precision motor control, error < 0.02mm


Detailed product description

Touch screen rotary pulse heating tin welding machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter of touch screen rotary pulse heating tin welding machine yspc-3a specification


1. The temperature can be adjusted according to different products 2. The welding head of special material can ensure the average pressure 3. It has a vacuum function, and the adjustment position is easier 4. The temperature is NC, and the accuracy is high

5. With digital pressure gauge, the pressure can be preset 6. Microcomputer control, accurate and stable 7. Programmable curve, including preheating and reflow welding temperature 8. Suitable for pressure welding of various high-density tab, TCP and FPC, FFC and PCB welding 9. Precise PID control, phase angle replacement pulse drive

10. Vibration, low noise, no voltage fluctuation 11. The rotating platform is controlled by motor, accurate and stable. 12. Real time display of temperature curve and temperature data 13. Touch screen input data to simplify operation.


Welcome customers to come or send samples to test machine for evaluation!

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