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Full automatic solder paste printer

  • YS-G5
  • 宇顺力

Full automatic solder paste printer


Equipment introduction

1. Equipment body

1. Equipment model: ys-g5

2. Equipment size: 1140 (front length) * 1364 (side depth) * 1404 (height) mm

3. Main power supply: AC: 220 ± 10%, rated current of 50 / 60Hz 3KW stable power supply, plug type: inch. The electrical interface is shown in the figure above:

4. Main air source: stable industrial air source, pressure 4.0 ~ 6kgf / cm ², The diameter of the air pipe is 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm. The front connector is general for the air pipe, and the rear connector only needs to match the size of the air pipe

5. Machine weight: about 900kg

2. Equipment use environment

1. Workshop temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

2. Workshop humidity: 30-60%

3. Electrostatic protection: ESD grounding and electrostatic protection are required

4. If the equipment is not used on the first floor, please pay attention to the bearing of the floor, which must be ≥ 650kg / M ²


Machine performance

Repeat position accuracy: ± 0.01mm

Printing accuracy: ± 0.025mm

Computed tomography (7.5S)

Hcp-ct 19 / piece

Process CT (5 minutes)

Transmission line CT (3 minutes)

Substrate processing parameters

Max9:27 maximum board size 400 * 340mm expandable: 530 * 340mm (option)

Minimum plate size: 50 * 50mm

Plate thickness: 0.4-6mm

Mechanical range of camera: 528 * 340mm

Maximum board weight: 3kg

Plate edge clearance: 2.5mm

Plate height: 15mm

Transportation speed: 900 ± 40mm

(max) transportation speed is controlled by sections 1500mm / S (max)

Transportation direction: a section of transportation track

Transmission direction: left to right

Right to left

It's the same in and out

Support system magnetic needle

Support block

Manual lifting table

Automatic top clamping of plate clamp

Side clamp

Adsorption function

Print parameters

Printing speed: 10 ~ 200mm / S

Printing pressure: 0.5 ~ 10kg

Printing mode: single or double blade printing

Barrel type (09 / S5 / St alfue) apels apels ofoonbs / mand (09 / SS / stall) chiell / dievelevi

Breaking: 0 ~ 20mm

Fast: 0 ~ 20mm / S

Formwork frame size: 470 * 370mm ~ 737 * 737mm (thickness: 20-40mm)

Steel mesh positioning mode Y-direction automatic positioning (compatible with manual compensation adjustment)

Cleaning parameters

Cleaning system: dry, wet and vacuum modes

Cleaning system (drip type)

Automatic generation of cleaning stroke

Cleaning after cleaning position

Cleaning speed: 10-200 mm / S

The consumption of cleaning liquid can be adjusted automatically and manually

The amount of cleaning paper can be adjusted automatically and manually

Visual parameters

CCD field of view 10 * 8mm

Camera type: 130000 CCD digital camera

Camera system locking upper / lower optical structure

Camera cycle time 300 ms

Datum mark type: Standard datum mark shape

Round, square, diamond, cross

Pads and profiles

Mark size: 0.5-5mm

Maximum tag number: 4

Maximum distance number: 1

Smart device

Safety control door opening stop, abnormal alarm

Two dimensional detection: less tin / missing printing / continuous tin

Automatic crimping guide rail automatic pushing up

Vacuum adsorption platform (vacuum adsorption)

Machine parameters

Energy source AC: 220 ± 10%, 50 / 60hz2.2kw

Air pressure: 4 ~ 6kgf / cm ²

Air consumption: About 5L / min

Working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

Working environment humidity: 30% ~ 60%

Machine size (excluding tower lamp) 1404 (H) mm

Machine length 1140 (L) mm

Machine width 1364 (width) mm

Machine weight: about 900kg

Equipment bearing requirement: 650kg / ㎡


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