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Ys-g9 automatic solder paste printer

  • YS-G9
  • 宇顺力

Ys-g9 automatic solder paste printer


1: Machine parameters

2: Technical advantages

3: Function introduction

4: Machine performance


一: Machine parameters

Substrate treatment

Maximum substrate size (XXY) 450 * 340mm

Minimum substrate size (XXY) 50 * 50mm

Substrate thickness: 0.4 ~ 6mm

Maximum substrate weight 3kg

Substrate edge gap: 2.5mm

Plate passing height: 17mm

Transmission height: 900 ± 40mm

Transmission speed 1500mm / S (max)

Transmission mode: one stage one-stage transport rail

Substrate clamping automatic telescopic upper pressing / flexible side clamp / vacuum suction

Printing parameters

Maximum printing area (XXY) 450 * 340mm

Print release (snap off) 0-20mm

Printing mode: single or double blade printing

Scraper type rubber scraper / steel scraper (angle 45 / 55 / 60

Printing speed: 6 ~ 200mm / sec

Printing pressure: 0.5 ~ 10kg

Formwork frame size: 370 * 370mm ~ 737 * 737mm

Cleaning method: enhanced vacuum adsorption / three modes of dry, wet and vacuum / back and forth cleaning

Base plate support method: magnetic ejector pin / contour block / manual adjustment lifting platform

. image

Image field of view (FOV) 8 * 6mm

Fiducial point type: standard shape fiducial point / pad / hole

Camera system: up / down imaging vision system / digital camera / geometric matching positioning


System alignment accuracy and repeatability: ± 12.5 μ M @ 6 σ, Cpk≥2.0

Actual paste printing repetition accuracy: ± 18 μ M @ 6 σ, Cpk≥2.0

Repetition accuracy of actual solder paste printing position verified by the third-party testing system (CTQ, Germany)

Printing cycle < 7.5 sec (excluding printing and cleaning time)


Power requirement AC: 220 ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz, 2.5kW

Compressed air requirements: 4 ~ 6 kgf / cm2

Air consumption: About 5L / min

Working environment temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

Working environment humidity: 30% ~ 60%

Machine height (excluding tricolor lamp) 1510 (H) mm

Machine length 1156 (L) mm

Machine width 1400 (W) mm

Machine weight approx: About 1000kg

Why choose YSL?

Dongguan yushunli automation equipment Co., Ltd. (YSL) can provide the most professional solder paste printing solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry (SMT). As a manufacturer of high-end quality automatic solder paste printing machines, we always lead the trend of technological innovation in the assembly and production of electronic components. For a long time, YSL has won the trust of countless "heavyweight" customers in the fields of automotive electronics, medical technology, aerospace technology, industrial electronics and military industry with its excellent quality.

Technology is our passion. YSL pursues excellent product quality and is also committed to providing high-quality customer service. From China to Europe, or from Singapore to the United States - we are determined to perfect all sales and service networks. We will wholeheartedly provide you with professional support covering the whole world! Do you have any special inquiries about the printing system, assembly or process of YSL? Our responsibility does not stop at sales. After purchasing YSL equipment, we will keep the closest contact with you and respond to all your needs quickly and timely. We will do our best to ensure timely delivery and perform the highest standard of installation and maintenance services. In addition, our experts are at your service 24 hours a day, providing you with application support at any time to ensure smooth production.


二: Technical advantages

1: Customized system solutions to meet personalized needs, flexible options for various production applications.

2: Professional high-quality machinery design, professional 03015 (Metric) solder paste printing process support, 14 years of high-quality machinery manufacturing experience.

3. It is easy to operate and minimize the downtime and line change time. Minimum maintenance requirements and costs.

4. Use intelligent software tools to monitor and track the process at any time.

Advantages of GKg technical training

1. Provide professional knowledge of system design, operation and process

2. Professionals help you improve production efficiency

3. All round training plan

4. Personality training and workshops

5. Internal training

三: Function introduction

1. CCD digital camera system:

The brand-new optical path system (1.3 million digital cameras) - uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light, coupled with the brightness function that can be infinitely adjusted, makes all types of mark points can be well identified (including uneven mark points), and is suitable for various types of PCB with different colors, such as tin plating, copper plating, gold plating, tin spraying, FPC, etc.


2. Guide rail positioning system

The national utility model invention patent (ZL 2005100371991.6), a detachable and programmable flexible side clamp device, is used for unique top flattening of flexible boards and warped PCBs

Through software programming, it can automatically expand and contract without affecting the tin thickness.


3. New scraper structure design

The new scraper structure of slide rail and cylinder improves the running stability and prolongs the service life.


4. Steel mesh detection system

By compensating the light source above the steel mesh and using CCD to check the mesh of the steel mesh in real time, it can quickly detect and judge whether the steel mesh is blocked after cleaning and automatically clean it. It is a supplement to the 2D detection of PCB boards.


5. Bottle type automatic tin feeding and automatic solder paste detection function

Automatically add solder paste at fixed time to ensure the quality of solder paste and the amount of solder paste in the steel mesh. So as to ensure the printing quality of customers and improve productivity.

Through the sensor, the amount of solder paste on the steel mesh can be managed, and stable quality and long-term continuous printing can be carried out. Increase productivity


5. Solder paste rolling detection function

1. The steel mesh solder paste thickness detection system is mainly composed of a laser distance sensor installed behind the scraper beam

2. The working principle is that before the machine leaves the factory, we will set the distance of the laser distance sensor. When the diameter of the rolling solder paste is less than ф 12mm, the software will give an alarm and prompt whether to add solder paste or continue production If the machine is also equipped with automatic tin adding function, when the tin amount is less than the set value, solder paste will be added automatically (as shown in the figure above)

3. The laser distance sensor uses the built-in CMOS laser sensor of keans amplifier. It uses a stainless steel shell, with superior visibility and simple operation. It can be set by just three clicks. Anyone can easily adjust and set it


6. Bottle type automatic tin feeding and automatic solder paste detection function

Automatically add solder paste at fixed time to ensure the quality of solder paste and the amount of solder paste in the steel mesh. So as to ensure the printing quality of customers and improve productivity.

Through the sensor, the amount of solder paste on the steel mesh can be managed, and stable quality and long-term continuous printing can be carried out. Increase productivity


7. New multi-functional interface

Concise and clear. Easy to operate, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring function.


8. All the screw rods and slide guides of the machine are manufactured with original packaging from abroad and imported to ensure accuracy and stability.


9. Leading the compatibility of industry 4.0

Through the automatic upload or output of machine status and parameters, it provides a strong guarantee for the intelligent production of customer industry 4.0. It can achieve seamless connection with the customer MES system and achieve high traceability of products; Maintenance of intelligent control equipment.

The use authority of engineering personnel at all levels shall be allocated according to the site management.


四: Machine performance



High repeat printing accuracy:

Secondary real brush effect


Effect drawing of four times of real brushing


High precision printing:

Actual brush effect of G9 equipment on the smallest chip currently used


Welcome customers to come with samples or send samples to try and evaluate!

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