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Ys-h900 automatic solder paste printer

  • YS-H900
  • 宇顺力

YS-H900 automatic solder paste printer


1: Machine parameters

Substrate treatment

Maximum substrate size (XXY) 900 * 350mm

Minimum substrate size (XXY) 80 * 50mm

Substrate thickness: 0.8 ~ 6mm

Maximum substrate weight 10kg

Substrate edge gap: 3.5mm

Plate passing height: 15mm

Transmission height: 900 ± 40mm

Transmission speed 1500mm / S (max)

Transmission mode: one stage one-stage transport rail

Substrate clamping / manual tablet pressing / flexible edge clamp

Base plate support method: magnetic ejector pin / constant height block / automatic adjustment lifting platform


Printing parameters

Print release (snap off) 0-20mm

Printing mode: single or double blade printing

Scraper type rubber scraper / steel scraper (angle 45 / 55 / 60

Printing speed: 6 ~ 200mm / sec

Printing pressure: 0.5 ~ 10kg

Formwork frame size: 720 * 300mm ~ 1200 * 750mm

Cleaning mode: drip type cleaning system / dry, wet and two modes

. image

Image field of view (FOV) 10 * 8mm

Fiducial point type: standard shape fiducial point / pad / hole

Camera system: up / down imaging vision system / digital camera / geometric matching positioning


System alignment accuracy and repetition accuracy: ± 0.015mm

Actual paste printing repetition accuracy: ± 0.03mm

Repetition accuracy of actual solder paste printing position verified by the third-party testing system (CTQ, Germany)

Printing cycle < 15 sec (excluding printing and cleaning time)


Power requirement AC: 220 ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz, 3kw

Compressed air requirements: 4 ~ 6 kgf / cm2

Air consumption: About 5L / min

Working environment temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

Working environment humidity: 30% ~ 60%

Machine height (excluding tricolor lamp) 1509 (H) mm

Machine length 1970 (L) mm

Machine width 1210 (W) mm

Machine weight approx: About 1500kg

Why choose YSL?

Dongguan yushunli automation equipment Co., Ltd. (YSL) can provide the most professional solder paste printing solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry (SMT). As a manufacturer of high-end quality automatic solder paste printing machines, we always lead the trend of technological innovation in the assembly and production of electronic components. For a long time, YSL has won the trust of countless "heavyweight" customers in the fields of automotive electronics, medical technology, aerospace technology, industrial electronics and military industry with its excellent quality.

Technology is our passion. YSL pursues excellent product quality and is also committed to providing high-quality customer service. From China to Europe, or from Singapore to the United States - we are determined to perfect all sales and service networks. We will wholeheartedly provide you with professional support covering the whole world! Do you have any special inquiries about the printing system, assembly or process of YSL? Our responsibility does not stop at sales. After purchasing YSL equipment, we will keep the closest contact with you and respond to all your needs quickly and timely. We will do our best to ensure timely delivery and perform the highest standard of installation and maintenance services. In addition, our experts are at your service 24 hours a day, providing you with application support at any time to ensure smooth production.


Image and optical system

The brand-new optical path system --- uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light, coupled with the brightness function that can be infinitely adjusted, makes all types of maek points can be well identified (including uneven mark points), and is suitable for various types of PCB with different colors, such as tin plating, copper plating, gold plating, tin spraying, FPC, etc. YSL patented mathematical operation model ensures that the machine can achieve high-precision alignment.


Chinese / English operation interface

This machine adopts Windows XP / win 7 operation interface and has good man-machine dialogue function: especially in the navigation effect of program files, it is convenient for all operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the operation, menu type Chinese / English switching, menu / operation log / fault recording / fault diagnosis / fault analysis / optical alarm and other functions. Which makes the operation simple and convenient.


2D solder paste printing quality detection and analysis system

The 2D system detects solder paste deposition defects in real time, and can quickly detect printing defects such as offset, less tin, missing printing, and even tin, and form data records to ensure printing quality.


Programmable floating self-adjusting stepping motor drives the printing head

Unique long platform and track fixing design ensure stable support of PCB. Short blade horizontal printing, stable pressure, saving solder paste.


Electric control system

The distribution of circuits and air circuits is safe and orderly. The circuits and air circuits are vertically arranged on both sides and the rear of the machine for easy inspection and maintenance




Minimum size of screen frame (mm): 720 * 300mm

Maximum dimension (mm): 1200 * 750mm

Mask clamping: cylinder

Maximum PCB size 900 * 350mm

Minimum size of PCB: 80 * 50mm

PCB thickness: 0.8-6mm

PCB warpage (max. PCB 1%)

Transportation height: 900 ± 40mm

Transport direction: LR / RL / ll / RR

Transportation speed 1500mm / S (max), program control

Mode of transportation (level I)

Conveyor belt width adjustment vehicle

Input / output interface (SMEMA)

PCB position support system: magnetic pin / support block / automatic lifting table

Clamping system: sliding clamping

Printing speed: 10-200 mm / S

Print head: two independent electric print heads

Scraper pressure 0.5-15kg (programmed)

Scraper type rubber / steel scraper (angle 45 ° / 55 ° 60 °)

Print mode (once / twice)

Cleaning system: drip type cleaning device, dry and wet mode

CCD field of view: 10 * 8mm

Imagine up / down optical structure / CCD / geometric pattern matching

Adjustment X: ± 10mm / Y: ± 10mm/ θ: ±2°

Repeat position accuracy: ± 10 μ M

Printing accuracy: ± 23 μ M

Cycle < 12 seconds

Product conversion old program: < 5 minutes / new program: < 10 minutes

Operating system Windows XP / win7

Power AC: 220 ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz, 3kw

Air source: 4-6kgf / cm ²

Control mode: computer control

Machine size 2570 (L) * 1210 (W) * 1509 (H) mm

Machine weight: About 1500kg


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