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Visual positioning printer

  • 宇顺力

Visual positioning printer


Equipment performance parameters

Model ysl-led

Maximum PCB size 890x510mm (two-stage support 1200-1500mm)

Minimum PCB size: 50X60MM

PCB thickness: 1 ~ 6mm

Transportation height: 900 ± 40mm

Transportation direction (left / right)

Product weight ≤ 5kg

Edge distance of conveyor belt ≥ 9mm

Bottom of combined height ≤ 10mm

Lift method: side lift

Two section transport track of conveyor

Input / output interface (SMEMA)

Cleaning system dust collector

CCD field of view: 13x10mm

Vision System CCD vision positioning system

Machine specifications

Positioning accuracy: ± 50 μ m@3sigma

Repeat position accuracy: ± 25 μ m@3sigma

Operating system: Windows 7

Air source: 4 ~ 6kg / cm2

Power AC: 220 ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz, 1.5kw

Control mode: computer control

Machine size 1600 (L) x 1258 (W) x 1490 (H) mm

Machine weight: About 1000kg

Function configuration


Size and appearance


Test report




Test method: the machine simulates production by itself, generates CPK data, and CPK test software reads the analysis results and generates graphs

Test speed: CCD X: 800mm / S

CCD Y:800mm/s

Image acquisition delay: 110ms

Transmission speed: 20mm / S

Test environment: machine level

Temperature: 24 ℃

Humidity: 60%


application area


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