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YSL-SL120 visual full-automatic printing machine

  • YSL-SL120
  • 宇顺力

YSL-SL120 visual full-automatic printing machine


Product features: 1. Perfect solution for printing large size products

2. Simple calibration and maintenance

3. Stable printing quality

4. Self developed image processing software

Overall schematic diagram: 1. Equipment enclosure module

2. CCD image taking module

3. Z-axis grid frame lifting module

4. Scraper printing module

5. Cleaning module

6. Platform trim module

7. Guide rail transport module

8. Three color alarm lamp

9. Display, input device


Technical parameters:

Basic parameters

Steel mesh size (mm) 650 (X) * 550 (Y) --- 737 (X) * 737 (Y)

Thickness: 20-40mm

Minimum PCB size (mm) 50 (X) * 50 (Y)

Maximum PCB size (mm) 510 (X) * 510 (Y)

Thickness 0.2mm-6mm (add fixture below 0.4mm)

Warpage < 1% (measured diagonally)

Height of back element: 18mm

Transmission height 900 ± 40mm

Support mode: magnetic thimble, magnetic top block, vacuum suction chamber (optional)

Clamping mode Side clamp (standard configuration)

The distance from the board edge to the PCB process edge is ≥ 2.5mm

Transportation speed 0-1500mm/s, increment 1mm

Transport belt type U-shaped synchronous belt

Stop plate mode cylinder

Transfer position Set PCB stop position according to PCB size software

Transmission direction left right left left left right customer specified before delivery

Printing speed of printing system 5-200mm/s adjustable

Printing head stepping motor directly drives scraper lifting

Scraper steel scraper, rubber scraper (optional)

Scraper angle 60 °

Scraper pressure 0-20KG

Visual system demoulding mode Three stage demoulding speed: 0.1-20mm/s Distance: 0-20mm

Alignment mode Mark point automatic alignment

Camera German BASLER 1/3 '' CCD, 640 * 480 pixels

Image taking mode Up/down double lighting

Camera light coaxial light and annular light are adjustable in 4 channels

Field of vision 9mm * 7mm

The dimension diameter or side length of the marking point is 1mm - 2mm, and the allowable deviation is 10%

The shape of the marking point is round, square, diamond, etc

Mark or PCB pad special for PCB

2D detection/

Adjustment range of precision platform X=± 10mm Y=± 7mm θ= ±2°

Positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm

Printing accuracy ± 0.025mm

Time cycle time < 7.5s (excluding printing and cleaning time)

Line change time < 5 minutes

New program time < 10 minutes

The control system computer is equipped with an industrial personal computer and a Windows genuine system

System language: Chinese and English

SMEMA connection between upper and lower computers

User rights User password or advanced password setting

Cleaning system Cleaning system dry and wet (standard), vacuum mode (optional)

Liquid level detection Liquid level automatic alarm monitoring

Power parameters Main power supply AC220V ± 10% 50/60HZ single-phase

Total power: about 3kw

Main air supply 4.5-6kgf/cm2

Machine weight is about 950KG

Machine dimensions (mm) 1350 * 1625 * 1535

Optional automatic pneumatic top clamp for thin circuit board (thickness ≤ 1mm)

Fixed top clip+side clip for thin circuit board (thickness ≤ 1mm)

Vacuum adsorption+vacuum cleaning for thin circuit board or soft board

Automatically add solder paste/

Automatic loading and unloading/

Flexible universal support block (pneumatic) is used for double-sided PCB board support (height of components under the board ≤ 9mm)

Automatic positioning of steel mesh Automatic positioning of steel mesh

PCB thickness automatic adjustment function/

Scraper pressure feedback function/

Optional air conditioner or purchased by the customer

Solder paste quantity monitoring system/

SPI Online SPI Online

UPS power-off protection UPS 15 minute power-off protection

Industry 4.0 barcode tracking, generation analysis, etc

Features: 1. The first online calibration technology in China

2. Intelligent 2D detection

3. New scraper

4. New alcohol cleaning structure

5. New scraper pressure setting software

6. System automatic calibration function - automatic compensation for guide screw wear

7. Each factory has passed the CPK test, and a report (PDF) is available

Platform adjustment precision device (XYZ adjustment system)


Intelligent 2D detection


Mark point recognition technology


Stable print quality


Simple calibration and maintenance


Accuracy assurance


-----Customers are welcome to come to the test machine for evaluation with relevant samples of the base plate splitter or send samples------

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